MONECO is a fee based, independent financial planning and wealth management firm. Our mission is focused on our clients' financial and personal well-being. We are here to help you by aligning your financial assets with your values. It is about finding that place where your life and your money intersect.

We are passionate about financial planning and you being able to achieve your financial planning goals.

Below are some of the informational items you can use to help you understand and pursue your financial goals.


What if you could account for all of your financial information, legal documents and all other important information (i.e., drivers license, passport) in one place? Now, MONECO offers clients our WealthVision system

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Growth Protection Strategy® (GPS)
from MONECO Advisors

Growth Protection Strategy® (GPS) is a proprietary investment strategy based on two of the most important objectives of investing:

  • Grow money
  • Protect money

The pursuit of those two important objectives may help you achieve your important financial planning goals. The strategy is designed to work over a market cycle. A market cycle represents the ups and downs of a capital market. A market will peak, go down, bottom and then rise to another peak. Market cycles do no have a predetermined time frame and can last from months to years. Every capital market has market cycles.

One full market cycle is illustrated in the graph below.

The GPS strategy is designed to capture much of the up market while attempting to limit loses in a down market. The goal is to deliver positive risk adjusted returns in all market cycles.

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There is no guarantee that any pattern or trend will continue to exist the future. GPS does not guarantee growth in your portfolio or guarantee against a loss.

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