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Around The Office - January 2020

January 21, 2020

Make Your Financial Resolutions Today!

A New Year, a new you! By this point you have already joined the gym and cleared the cupboards of all that junk food left over from the holiday season. However, it’s is also a great time to make some financial resolutions as well. At Moneco Advisors, we help our clients identify financial areas of concern that should be addressed to improve your financial well-being in 2020 and beyond.

Here are three of our favorites:

Addressing Debt: Even the wealthiest of people with a solid financial plan in place, still have a tendency to carry some debt. As the New Year starts off, if you have debt, especially credit card debt, do your best to consolidate it or restructure it. Be strategic about your debt, by working towards paying more against your principal, rather than your interest.

Emergency Fund: Despite how well you may be doing with work, savings and your investments, things can always change quite abruptly and without notice. We recommend that our clients have an emergency fund to cover expenses for a 3-6 month time period. To build up these reserves, make budget adjustments, set reminders and practice self-discipline. If financial hardship strikes, you will be prepared.

Retirement: We are constantly telling our clients how important retirement is and that it won’t happen unless there is a plan in place. Contributing up to the match in a company sponsored retirement plan is the necessary first step. The matching dollars are essentially “free” money, which is a hard thing to pass up! If you don’t have a company sponsored plan, don’t worry, you can still take advantage of the tax benefits by opening an Individual Retirement Account.

As always, our team is here to help you accomplish these financial resolutions and has a host of tools to assist you in doing so. Give the office a call today to help you ensure a prosperous 2020!

Growing, Growing, Growing…

With the New Year upon us, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to our newest advisor, Nick DeSousa! Nick first became interested in continuing a career in the financial services industry while serving in the United States Marine Corps.  Nick’s responsibility while serving was handling all financial matters for the Marines stationed abroad in the United States Embassies all over the world.  Since these Marines were leaving their families for an extended period of time, it was here that Nick realized the importance of having a sound financial plan

Nick brings over 15 years of wealth management experience to MONECO Advisors.  Nick’s experience includes working in Manhattan, NY for US Trust Bank of America Private Wealth Management and Wells Fargo Private Bank in Greenwich CT, providing investment management, financial/estate planning, banking and credit strategies to clients.  Nick takes a consultative approach to each and every client based on their own unique situation and works to provide solutions that are aligned with their goals and objectives.

Nick lives in North Stamford CT with his wife Jennifer, his son Mason and his English Labrador Retriever, Bentley.  Please join us in welcoming Nick to our ever-growing team!

Welcome Marelle Sylvester!

We are pleased to announce the newest Client Service member of our MONECO team, Marelle Sylvester.

Marelle, a native of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, brings to the team over 14 years of financial industry and client service experience.  She partners with MONECO to provide support on administrative tasks and client management functions.  Prior to joining LPL, she most recently worked at Merrill Lynch where she provided operational support to a team of financial advisors.

Marelle’s love for helping people makes delivering exceptional customer service effortless, which in turn gives her personal gratification knowing that the service she provides makes a difference in the lives she becomes acquainted with.  We are confident that Marelle will take on her new responsibilities with the same enthusiasm and professionalism that she has shown so far.