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Weekly Wealth of Knowledge - Week of 2/28/22

March 01, 2022

The Weekly Wealth of Knowledge is your download of this week's most important topics related to financial planning, the markets, and our community. As we close out February and the "generational planning" theme, we prepare to usher in "retirement planning" month.  Throughout March we will be providing you a host of content about planning for retirement and all the things you need to be doing to prepare for it and enjoy it, if you are already there.

In this issue:

       • Smart Gifting Using Retirement Assets (3 min read)
       • Markets Webinar - 2022 Themes & Challenges (2 min read)
       • Aging in Place - A Guide to Growing Older at Home (2 min read)

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Smart Gifting Using Retirement Assets

Charitable giving can make an impact on both passing some of your wealth towards a worthy cause, as well as a key tactic for retirement planning, by taking advantage of the current tax code and preparing for what could be higher tax rates tomorrow. An effective strategy will consider the tax attributes of both currently taxable and tax-deferred accounts and pair solutions to deliver potential tax savings. As always, if we can answer any questions at all, do not hesitate to reach out!

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Markets Webinar - 2022 Themes & Challenges

With all of the geopolitical market disruptions that were felt last week, our upcoming webinar tomorrow night at 6:00 EST could not be more timely.  We will be partnering with J.P. Morgan to highlight the key themes and challenges impacting our current market environment. This will include discussion on the current interest rate environment and what could be on the horizon, as well as the economy emerging from the pandemic, the job market and much more. Further explanation will be offered on how these themes could impact your portfolio in 2022 and beyond. Register below today!



Aging in Place - A Guide to Growing Older at Home

Aging in place is the idea of staying in your home as you grow older, rather than seeking an outside facility. Although for some, this is not an option, many today would rather stay in their own home and bring in any care as needed. In fact, 80% of those people 50 and older say they would prefer to age at home. But saying this and actually accomplishing it, one will need to consider advanced proper planning, potential home modifications and the necessary funding available. If we can help in any way, give your financial advisor a call.

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