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MONECO's Weekly Wealth of Knowledge - Week of 3/15/2021

March 15, 2021

The Weekly Wealth of Knowledge is your download of this week's most important topics related to financial planning, the markets, and our community. March is here and it is Retirement Planning month at MONECO Advisors. Throughout the month we will be providing you a host of content about planning for retirement and all the things you need to be doing to prepare for it and enjoy it, if you are already there.

In this issue:

  • A Summary of the 1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Package (3 min read)
  • Household Savings & What Lies Ahead (3 min video)
  • Your Retirement Exercise Plan (2 min read)

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A Summary Of The 1.9 Trillion Dollar COVID Relief Package 

It's been over a year since the pandemic struck and as the vaccine rollouts continue to improve across the nation, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Back in D.C., Congress has submitted and the President has now signed off on a 1.9 trillion Covid Relief Package. Here is a nice summary of what is included and how it could impact you, your families and friends.

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Household Savings & What Lies Ahead

Household saving rates continue to surge across the developed world and many economists feel that this pent up demand could be unleashed into economies around the globe during the second half of 2021. Although it is still too soon to say what impact this could have, many feel it could mean good things for overall future economic growth. There is no doubt that the speed of any recovery will depend on it.

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Your Retirement Exercise Plan

With March being Retirement Planning month at MONECO, we have been including content to help you prepare and eventually live in retirement. Last week we shared some information about strategies to help you pick the right location for when it eventually comes. Once that is all sorted out, we encourage all of our clients to remain as active as possible. Our last piece of content this week lays out ways to increase physical activity to reduce your health risks and maintain proper fitness and a plan to make it happen. As you know, here at MONECO, we love planning!

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