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MONECO's Weekly Wealth of Knowledge - Week of 5/31/21

June 02, 2021

The Weekly Wealth of Knowledge is your download of this week's most important topics related to financial planning, the markets, and our community. With May having been Eldercare month at MONECO Advisors, we now kick off June with an emphasis on safety. Our content all month long will focus on things you should be aware off and the steps you need to be taking to protect you and your families, your homes and your assets.

In this issue:

  • Understanding Homeowner's Insurance (3 min read)
  • Is Tapering On The Horizon? (3 min read)
  • Senior Exercise and Fitness Tips (2 min read)

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Understanding Homeowners Insurance

June is recognized each year as National Safety Month and our first piece of content breaks down what you need to know about homeowners insurance. Often the first time homeowners actually review their policies is only after an event occurs. The time to understand your coverage is before any damage or theft happens, to ensure what is covered, what is not and any changes you should make to protect yourself and your possessions in the future. We work with many outside partners that can assist in completing an audit of your current coverage before it's too late.

Don't hesitate to give us a call if we can help!

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Is Tapering on the Horizon?

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), recently released the minutes of its April meeting. As the economy continues to reopen and the economic situation post pandemic continues to improve, there has been talk how that may impact the pace of the Fed's monthly bond purchases. Historically, the markets have reacted differently at times when this occurs, so it's hard to say what could happen this time around and how it potentially could impact your overall financial plan. The below article will help you better understand the current situation. As always, if we can answer any questions, do not hesitate to give the office a call.

The talk is of tapering, and it’s making investors nervous.

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) released the minutes of its April meeting last week. The report suggested that should the economy continue to make progress, it may be time to adjust the pace of the Fed’s monthly bond purchase program.1

With inflation appearing to accelerate, this is the first sign that the Fed is considering such a scaling back. While such a change might be inevitable, it comes with no timetable and no indication that the tapering is imminent.

This doesn’t calm investors’ nerves. The markets had a quick reaction to the tapering chatter, but soon resolved. Memories cast back to the so called Taper Tantrum of 2013, when the Fed similarly changed direction after years of boosting the economy with easy money. Such mini-dips have happened from time to time since then.2

In addition to its other duties, the Fed has been given the mandates of maintaining stable price levels and maintaining moderate, long-term interest rates. Your financial strategy has been crafted with the understanding that the Fed from time to time will make adjustments in interest rates to accomplish its goals. That said, whenever the news brings
you questions or concerns, we welcome a chance to discuss them with

1., May 19, 2020
2., May 21, 2020


Senior Exercise & Fitness Tips

Here at MONECO, we spend a lot of time in the office working with clients, but as a firm, when we are not, we all try to stay as active as possible. Exercise helps with stress, increases mobility, blood flow and breathing. Although we encourage exercise at any age, to close out Eldercare month, this last article talks about the benefits specifically for seniors and some tips to help you remain active in retirement!

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