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My MONECO Story: Together Since High School

| October 05, 2016
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My relationship with MONECO Advisors began during my senior year of Fairfield Ludlowe High School when I interviewed for a senior year internship. Fast forward four-plus years and my internship has turned into and continues to be the best work experience I could have asked for because of the passionate group of individuals who work there. I have interned for MONECO every summer and holiday break since the spring of my senior year of high school – I am now a college senior at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, pursuing a Finance major, with a concentration in Value Investing, and an Economics minor.


At MONECO, I got an in-depth introduction to the financial advisory industry, I gained valuable hands-on experience working side-by-side with advisors, and I had the opportunity to learn from my relationships with the entire MONECO team. Beyond those relationships, I have even had the opportunity to meet several clients, in person, at the office and over the phone.


Over my years at MONECO, I have helped lead several administrative projects and company-wide initiatives, including a summer-long repapering project that involved converting MONECO into a Registered Investment Advisory firm in order to improve its capabilities to serve clients. This initiative included several levels of compliance filings and focused teamwork to accomplish. I have also had the opportunity to informally assist the firm with its investment strategy in the form of researching trends, companies, and value strategies. Other initiatives include preparing for a full SEC audit and updating the website logo, verbiage, and functionality.


One of the most important things that I have learned from MONECO is to be a good listener. And this may seem strange at first, being that we are to advise clients on wealth management and financial planning, but the MONECO team has always stressed that one must first be a 'good listener to learn' before being a 'great advisor to recommend.’ In fact, 'listen and learn first' is a guiding strategy that I use every day at school...and in life.



And this is why I first joined MONECO and why I hope to always be part of the MONECO family. It's their incredibly supportive environment and their genuine care for one another and their clients. In terms of clients, I have been witness to many personalized services provided and memorable experiences that differentiate MONECO from all other investment advisory firms. The connection that each advisor makes with each client is above and beyond what is expected and even what is imagined. From assisting elderly clients sell their vehicle to delivering food to homes of ailing clients to ensuring the best nursing care possible for all clients (and their families) to aiding clients secure real estate, MONECO is certainly a tier above.


MONECO has been an integral part in my academic, professional, and personal success thus far and I cannot thank them enough for all that they do for me and for entirety of the MONECO family.


Written By: 

Marco Congello

Fordham University

Gabelli School of Business

Class of 2017

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