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Weekly Wealth of Knowledge - Week of 10/18/21

October 19, 2021

The Weekly Wealth of Knowledge is your download of this week's most important topics related to financial planning, the markets, and our community. October brings in "breast cancer awareness" month, where we will be providing you content on how to get involved to support the continued battle against this horrible disease. This will include ways to give, get involved with advocacy, as well as ensure you are educated on how to carry the torch, not just in October, but throughout the year!

In this issue: 

  • Social Security Increases Coming In 2022 (3 min read)
  • Jobless Claims Reach Yet Another Low (2 min read)
  • 38 Things To Do In Connecticut This October (2 min read) 
  • BONUS: Upcoming Webinar - Social Security - Planning For Retirement 

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Social Security Increases Coming In 2022

If you are currently collecting Social Security or plan to next year, you will be participating in the largest cost of living adjustment (COLA) in 40 years, which is great news for current beneficiaries and those that plan to file in 2022. To put things into perspective, the COLA increase in 2021 was just 1.3%. Don't forget about our upcoming Social Security webinar on claiming strategies on November 4th!


Jobless Claims Reach Yet Another Low

Despite the headlines on hiring challenges and supply chain shortages due to a lack of labor, jobless claims for the week ending October 2nd again reached another low and the smallest number of filings since March of 2020. The labor market is definitely sending some mixed signals, but seems to be stabilizing and yet another sign of a full recovery. 

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38 Things To Do In Connecticut This October

Many New Englanders always reference how nice the Fall season is to help justify the whacky weather we see all year round.  Others look to Fall as the last step before winter sets in. However you feel about it, one thing is for sure, October in New England can be a beautiful time of year, with lots of great outdoor activities for the whole family. Here is a comprehensive list of 38 things to do in CT this October and beyond...enjoy!

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Upcoming Webinar: Social Security - Planning For Retirement

According to the Social Security Administration, on average, retirement beneficiaries receive 40% of their retirement income from the program.* From a financial planning standpoint, it is imperative to determine where the shortfall of needed income will be made up. Claiming strategies and the timing of when to begin receiving benefits can often have a big impact on your overall retirement goals.

Join us to discuss the impacts of social security on your financial plan, claiming tactics, strategies and timing!