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Weekly Wealth of Knowledge - Week of 10/2/23

October 02, 2023

The Weekly Wealth of Knowledge is your download of this week's most important topics related to our community, financial planning, the markets and more! October kicks off "breast cancer awareness" month, where we will be providing you content on how to get involved to support the continued battle against this horrible disease. This will include ways to give, get involved with advocacy, as well as ensure you are educated on how to carry the torch, not just in October, but throughout the year!

In this issue:

  • MONECO Insights - Navigating Medical Expenses (3 min read)
  • Team MONECO - Congratulations Tracy Dineen! (2 min read)
  • How Big Is The Global Stock Market? (3 min read)

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MONECO Insights - Navigating Medical Expenses

As we kick off "breast cancer awareness" month in October, this week our MONECO Insights' Team takes a closer look at the often maze of options when managing medical expenses. This includes costs, different co-payment structures and the critical role health insurance plays and what you need to be doing now, before seeking care. As always, if you have any questions, we are here for you.  

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Team MONECO - Congratulations Tracy Dineen!

The entire team at MONECO Advisors spends a considerable amount of time with one another each and every day as we work to service and exceed our client's expectations. One of the key members of our team is Senior Client Services Manager Tracy Dineen. Tracy has been a part of the MONECO family for the past 15 years. She has become an asset and has created many new and improved systems to continue to better service our clients and add efficiencies to how the entire firm operates on a daily basis.  So when her work anniversary popped up last week, we had to celebrate her accomplishment and years of service with a festive gathering. Congratulations Tracy on 15 years and we know the team as well as all the clients you have forged strong relationships over the years hope you will stick around for another 15!


How Big Is The Global Stock Market?

We all know the influence that the U.S. financial markets have across the globe, but have you ever considered how large the entire landscape is? Below is a breakdown of the world’s major equity markets based on global market cap share as of Q2 2023, with some assumptions of how things could be shifting in the years' to come.  

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