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Weekly Wealth of Knowledge - Week of 6/6/22

June 07, 2022

The Weekly Wealth of Knowledge is your download of this week's most important topics related to financial planning, the markets, and our community. As we welcome in June at MONECO Advisors, our new theme for the month will be "safety". Our content all month long will focus on things you should be aware off and the steps you need to be taking to protect you, your families, your homes and your assets.

In this issue:

       • Changes To Social Security Taxation (3 min read)
       • Markets: Don't Go It Alone (2 min read)
       • Do You Need Identity Theft Protection? (3 min read)

BONUS: Fairfield Police Sunset 5k - Presented by MONECO Advisors

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Changes To Social Security Taxation

Many are not aware of the taxation of social security benefits and some even think that it is taxed similarly to retirement account withdrawals; this is not the case. In fact, the unique formula that currently is applied to benefits was established by Congress in the 80s & 90s and it could be changing. Find out what you need to know and how you could be impacted when Congress re-evaluates on the subject.

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Markets: Don't Go It Alone

When markets cycle lower like they have been lately, perspective is critical. If you’re not connected to someone with experience, it can be easy to miss the big picture.

If you zoom out a bit in history, most investors haven't lived through a prolonged price drawdown. For example, a bond fund manager would need to be around 80 years old today to have been working during the inflation of the 1970s (the last time we saw similar movements to what we’re seeing today). We are certainly living through unusual times.

But price swings aren’t surprising to those who are prepared, and you don’t have to figure things out on your own.

When we created your portfolio, we looked at your unique goals, time horizon, and risk profile. Our team has managed several market cycles, and we’ve seen plenty of ups and downs across the investing process.

Please reach out if today's markets have you feeling uncertain. You don’t have to go it alone: we are here to help you keep things in perspective.


Do You Need Identity Theft Protection?

As we continue with our "safety" theme for the month of June, this week we have a look at identity theft protection and if it is necessary. In today's technology driven world, there is a tremendous amount of our personal data that could potentially become compromised. There are certain steps that we all should be taking to prevent this (i.e., frequently checking our credit scores, freezing credit reports) to reduce the risks, however, sometimes securing an outside service can do the job for you. Read below to see if it makes sense for you.

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Fairfield Police Sunset 5k Presented by MONECO Advisors

The 4th Annual Fairfield Police Sunset 5K is Presented by MONECO Advisors. All proceeds will be donated to the Fairfield Police Union Scholarship Fund & the newly formed Fairfield Police Foundation. You can run (3.1 mile) or walk (1 mile) course. We were able to increase the number of participants to 1000 this year and do expect to sell out, so don't delay, sign up today for Fairfield's most memorable night of the summer! Sponsorship opportunities available via the registration link as well. 

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