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RIA Compliance

RIA Compliance

  • In house compliance review process (on site administrator and Chief Compliance Officer work as team)
  • Quarterly in house compliance meetings and two annual compliance updates during team retreat
  • Essential Responsibilities fulfilled by MONECO (include, but not limited to) in conjunction with Advanced Regulatory Consultants (Legal Team)
  • Maintain IARD Account User Account
  • Maintain IARD Super Account Administrator Account SSA
  • Maintain funds for all filings and registrations per rep in the IARD Financial Account
  • Developing and administering RIA compliance policies and procedures for both state and LPL audits
Broker-Dealer Compliance

Broker-Dealer Compliance

  • Resolving/Paperwork for all LPL Notifications (LPL COMPLIANCE NOTIFICATIONS)
  • Maintaining books and records for firms’ advisory clients
  • Maintaining suitability for firms’ advisory accounts
  • Quarterly LPL Advisory Surveillance Reports
  • Maintaining files for firm to in adherence with LPL and SEC record retention standards
  • Two LPL Audits per year (one announced/ one unannounced)
  • Ensuring all advertising and sales literature materials are in compliance with FINRA and/or state regulations.
Compliance Consultants

Compliance Consultants

  • Independent Compliance/Legal consulting firm on retainer for RIA Hybrid firm ARC (Advanced Regulatory Compliance)
  • Produce documentation to regulatory agencies when requested (CT Department Banking, WEB CRD, IARD, National Regulatory Systems)
  • Prepare Annual ADV Part 1
  • Prepare Annual ADV Part 2
  • Prepare Annual ADV Part 2B
  • U4 Annual Amendments
  • Filing of Form ADV 2A and 2B with State 
  • Licensing of New IAR’s
  • Filing each advisors state registrations
  • Private Policy Annual Draft
  • Maintaining files for individual representatives for IAR State of CT
  • Prepare supplemental advisory brochure annual (or anytime there are changes within a firm/representative) and annual upload to the Firm’s CRD website as well as each individual’s CRD