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MONECO Advisors Adds TJ Hickey To Its Growing Team of Financial Planners

FAIRFIELD, Conn., March 11, 2024 - MONECO Advisors, LLC (, recently announced that Timothy “TJ” Hickey has joined the team as Partner, bringing the total number of partners at the firm to twenty.  TJ brings with him a decade of experience in the financial services industry.

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Pittsfield Massachusetts Based Willow Joins the MONECO Advisors Team

FAIRFIELD, Conn., January, 6, 2024 - MONECO Advisors, LLC (, recently announced  the acquisition  of  Willow, a financial planning and investment management firm based in Pittsfield, MA. This acquisition will expand the resources that Willow has at their disposal, giving their team increased flexibility and a greater ability to assist their clients. 

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MONECO Advisors Adds Eleven Existing Advisors to Partnership

FAIRFIELD, Conn., July 7, 2023 – MONECO Advisors LLC, (, has expanded their partnership ranks by eleven, bringing the firm’s total partners to 18. MONECO has long adopted a “for advisors, by advisors” mentality, where the advisors at the firm have been just as integral in running the business as they are executing on client’s financial plans. This expansion of their partnership is a further alignment of the work the firm’s advisors were already undertaking with the firm’s future success.

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MONECO Advisors Named in the 2023 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers by InvestmentNews

FAIRFIELD, Conn., May 25, 2023 – MONECO Advisors LLC, (, has been recognized as a 2023 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers as announced by InvestmentNews. MONECO was chosen as one of this year’s top 75 based on employer and employee surveys delving into everything from company culture, benefits, career paths and more.

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MONECO Advisors Sponsors Local Police Benefit 5K

Fairfield Citizen/July 15, 2021

MONECO Advisors is thrilled to have presented the Third Annual Fairfield Police Sunset 5K on July 21st. The event featured both runners and walkers of the 5K, in addition to a selection of food trucks. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Fairfield Police Union Scholarship fund and The Friends of the Bigelow Center for Senior Activities.

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MONECO Advisors Named to RIA Channel's Top 50 Emerging RIA's List

RIA Channel/ December 21, 2020 

MONECO Advisors is pleased to announce it has recently been named as one of the Top 50 Emerging Registered Investment Advisory Firms in the United States, by RIA Channel (  In fact, the firm ranked #7 out of 50 in the results. In addition, the firm also was named as the second fastest growing RIA in CT by City Wire RIA Magazine ( These two awards follow MONECO Advisors being named to the Financial Times FT 300 list in July. All of these recognitions received during a very challenging year brought on by the virus, but also one when the firm is celebrating its 40th year in business.

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Financial Advisor Christopher Neubert wouldn’t want to be anywhere else

LPL Financial/ October 23rd 2020

Christopher Neubert, J.D., CFP, and president of MONECO Advisors, LLC [i.e., MONECO] has been with LPL Financial for almost 30 years, and he hasn’t regretted a single moment. “We wouldn’t do what we do with any other group,” he says, “and if I were to do it again, I would still pick LPL.”

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ThinkAdvisor Interviews Charlie Rocco on his College Major Choice

ThinkAdvisor/ August 17th 2020

"I was a psychology and economics double major in college, and the psychology degree is much more useful. Financial life is a very sensitive subject for many - so I definitely use psychology to get our clients to feel comfortable. There is also a whole host of behavioral finance issues that we must help our clients solve all the time."

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Managing Partner Charlie Rocco Explains Home Improvement Financing

The Street/ August 6th 2020

HELOCs are a common choice for home improvement financing, but recent changes in the economy have prompted some lenders to shy away from offering them, says Charlie Rocco, financial planner and managing director at Moneco Advisors in Connecticut.

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MONECO Advisors Named to Financial Times 300

Financial Times/ July 29th 2020

The list — compiled by Ignites Research, an FT sister company — assesses RIAs with assets under management (AUM) of more than $300m on their expertise and other credentials desirable to investors. The FT 300 is presented here as an elite group segmented by state, rather than a competitive ranking of one to 300."

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Charlie Rocco, Managing Partner, Explains Personal Loans in Nerd Wallet

Nerd Wallet/ July 29th 2020

"Personal loans are among your options if you don’t have a lot of home equity or you don’t want to use your home as collateral, says Charlie Rocco, financial planner and managing director at Moneco Advisors in Connecticut.

If you fail to repay a personal loan or don’t pay it on time, your credit score will take the hit.

“Even though you haven’t pledged your home, the downside is that you’ve essentially pledged yourself and your earning power,” he says."

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Charlie Rocco, Managing Partner, Preps Clients For Potential Tax Increases

WealthManagement.Com/ July 29th 2020

"Fairfield, Conn.-based advisor Charles Rocco at MONECO Advisors thinks taxes will go up eventually, and certainly when the current tax reform expires in 2025. But he’s not convinced Congress will hike taxes during an economic crisis that could potentially continue for another year or more."

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Charlie Rocco, Managing Partner, Discusses the Current Spotlight on Client Risk Tolerance

Investment News/  June 12th 2020

"That kind of shifting investor attitude toward market risk is why client risk tolerance must be monitored constantly, said Charlie Rocco, managing director at Moneco Advisors.

“Market volatility always calls risk tolerance into question, which is why it has to be managed all the time,” he said. “We’ve been saying to clients for years that recessions happen. We knew it was coming, but we didn’t know a crazy virus would cause it. I think that really helped center clients and remind them that they were ready for this.”

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Charlie Rocco, Managing Partner, Discusses Tax Planning Amid a Pandemic and Looming Election

Investment News/  June 1st 2020

If Congress doesn’t take action, letting the Trump tax cuts expire, “rates will go up,” Charlie Rocco, managing partner of Moneco Advisors, said in an email. “Higher tax rates in the future, combined with the later RMD age that went into effect this year, means our retired clients have a bigger window between their retirement and having to take their RMDs than ever before.”

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Charlie Rocco, Managing Partner, Explains how Advisors can Win the Race against Fin-tech Companies

Investor's Business Daily/  May 26th 2020

For advisors at midsize or large firms, vetting fintech companies works best with more staff involved. Before buying portfolio management software from fintech vendors, for example, senior partners may want to enlist input from their employees.

"From a management standpoint, it's tough if it's just a few managers making decisions," said Charlie Rocco, a certified financial planner in Fairfield, Conn. "It's better to start with a cross-functional team with better feedback mechanisms in place to create more buy-in. Everybody touches most of these pieces of technology in different ways, so you want them to compare notes."

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Charlie Rocco, Managing Partner, on Changes to the Advising World

Market Watch/ April 24th 2020

“An adviser’s ability to engage clients virtually should be a test in itself,” said Charlie Rocco, president and chief executive officer of Rocco and Associates. “So much of every adviser’s day-to-day has shifted from the yellow legal pad onto the computer that every prospective client should be asking about and assessing an adviser’s skill with technology.”

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David Lincoln, CIO, Delivers Groceries to Residents in Need

Investor's Business Daily/ April 17th 2020 

"David Lincoln, a certified financial planner in Fairfield, Conn., offered to pick up groceries for a longtime client — a widow in her mid 80s — during his regular Saturday morning supermarket outing."

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Charlie Rocco quoted in Investment News: Annuities Take Center Stage

Investment News/ April 12th 2020

“Many of our clients who call in concerned about the markets are asking about annuities. The same clients who just months ago would quote articles on why annuities are the root of all evil have started to enquire,” Charlie Rocco, CEO of financial planning firm Rocco & Associates, said in an email. “Unfortunately, now is not the time to make a change from an investment account over to an annuity.” 

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Rocco & Associates Holds 2nd Annual Sunset 5k

Fairfield Hamlet Hub/ September 24th 2019

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - Rocco & Associates Wealth Management, Inc. ( has announced that the 2nd Annual Fairfield Police Sunset 5k was another huge success, exceeding all fund raising expectations. The race was held on Wednesday, July 24th at Penfield Beach and also co-sponsored by the firm's affiliate, Moneco Advisors.

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Fairfield Chamber of Commerce announces 2019 Award Recipients

Fairfield Citizen/ July 10th 2019

"Additional Chamber Appreciation Awards were given to Joe Rog/Fairfield Theatre Company for 6 years of service on the Chamber Board of Directors; to John Rosenau/Moneco Advisors for completing 3 years of service as Chairman of the Board of Directors;"

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MONECO Advisors and Rocco & Associates Join Forces

Westfair Communications/ July 16th 2018

"Rocco & Associates Wealth Management Inc. has aligned its advisory operations with MONECO Advisors LLC in an alliance that will allow both firms to remain independent. Between the two firms are five Certified Financial Planner professionals, two Accredited Investment Fiduciaries, one Certified Investment Management Analyst designee, and two attorneys."

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Rocco & Associates Aligns its Advisory Operations with MONECO Advisors

Fairfield Patch/ July 13th 2018

"Rocco & Associates Wealth Management, Inc. ( has announced that it has aligned its advisory operations with MONECO Advisors LLC., (, another tenured financial planning firm also located in Fairfield."

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Past MONECO Intern Commits to Play Baseball at Endicott

Fairfield Citizen/ August 4th 2017

Along with the allure of the campus, Endicott has a strong internship program and that was another reason why Kochiss chose the Division III school. A finance grad, Kochiss interned with Moneco Advisors in Fairfield, a wealth management firm that specializes in retirement plans and with Thomas Pacilio Wealth Management

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Chief Operating Officer John Rosenau Discusses Impact of State Income Taxes

Hartford Courant/ April 21st 2017

 John Rosenau, vice president and chief operating officer of Moneco Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm in Fairfield, said business clients are concerned about rising state income taxes and what the impact could be on hiring.

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