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Our Capabilities

Qualified retirement plans offer benefits to your employees and have the added potential to reduce your company’s tax liability. However, coordinating a group retirement plan can be a daunting task: from the investment choices, changing objectives, and expenses to the performance monitoring, ERISA laws, and record keeping.  It is critical plan sponsors are compliant with all applicable fiduciary regulations.

Whether you are establishing a new plan or are considering improving your existing plan, MONECO has the experience and expertise to guide you through the process.  MONECO can help you control your costs, stay in compliance with your fiduciary duties, provide effective employee education and engagement,  and improve the probability of successful outcomes for your employees.

A Comprehensive View of Our Plan Sponsor Capabilities provided by our Custodian, LPL Financial

Types of Plans We Serve

401(k) Plans & Profit Sharing Plans

MONECO has alliances with numerous nationally-known recordkeepers and plan administrators.  We can leverage our relationships with these providers to design a retirement plan that is optimal for your particular company's circumstances.  

403(b) Plans

We work with both ERISA and non-ERISA plans in the 403(b) space.

457 Plans

 We consult on governmental and non-governmental 457 plans.

Money Purchase Pension Plans

MONECO collaborates with local acturaries to set up money purchase pension plans for our clients.