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Ginnie Thompson, FPQP™

Ginnie Thompson, FPQP™

Assistant Vice President

Ginnie serves as MONECO’s Assistant Vice President, Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™, compliance manager, and practice manager.

MONECO clients depend on Ginnie for first class client service and her encyclopedia knowledge of almost every client account. Since her start at MONECO in 1996, Ginnie is the key provider of customized client services, including management of WealthVision, and assists in the preparation of Financial Plans and Progress Reviews.

Her clients trust her to make prudent decisions on their behalf – and have confidence that it will be carried out with the utmost integrity.

She lives in Fairfield, Connecticut with her husband Bryan and their three children, Megan, Riley, and Quinn. Ginnie is also an active leader in Remember Alzheimer’s A Youth Movement.